Welcome To Crystallite Media

Welcome to Crystallite Media. We offer simple solutions to make sense of a complicated world. If you are looking for an effective website, developing educational CD-ROMs, or looking for a strong Corporate Identity, Crystallite Media can cater to your needs.

Crystallite Media is also the online portfolio for me, Ryan Harper. I am a graduate from SAIT as of April, 2005. I took the New Media Production and Design program, and the next step will be to get my certificate in Photography. I like to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and stay ahead of most of the designers out there. Currently, my work extends from design to internet programming. This site is a showcase of both my design abilities and knowledge of PHP programming. The site is designed with all dynamic content, and loaded from a MySQL database. This means, the site is designed to be easily updated, whether it be changing headings to changing navigation. An ideal for anyone who is constantly making changes to their site. If you are interested in looking at my work, be sure to check out the Portfolio section. Thank you for making Crystallite Media your business solution.